23 July, 2013


Many people don't believe me when I tell them what drivers get away with.

For example, in Palo Alto a driver hit a boy and severely injured him.

  • the driver had a suspended license
  • the driver was speeding
  • the driver swerved into the bike lane
  • the driver had meth in his system
Certianly this driver must be in jail, right?  Nope.  
He faces misdemeanor charges for driving on a suspended license.  

That's all folks. Surprised?  
This is business as usual in a country that protects drivers at all costs.

Yet let's be clear that if you injure somebody with your bike, they will throw the book at you.  In SF a cyclists that knocked down an elderly man (who died of his injuries) after running a red-light was convicted of felony vehicular manslaughter.

“Cyclists need to understand that they’re held accountable to the same standard as anybody else operating any other type of vehicle” Gascón said. ”Often, bicyclists feel they are above the law.”  Gascón stated his goal was to “send a message” to cyclists.