01 April, 2013

Walking & Talking

Walking and talking in the beauty that is Corte Madera.  Like many Marin cities it was built organically and not planned.  The result is character and charm rarely found in a planned community, such as the irregular and tranquil walking paths between properties.

somewhere behind Corte Madera Library

stairs like these are common

"We need to walk, just as birds need to fly."  Enrique Penalosa

In contrast to these places, poorly designed auto-dominated streets continue to be a top cause of death with no reaction from leadership.

Why is our DOT proclaiming that the roads are getting safer?  Because they don't consider the pedestrians and cyclists that are killed.  Our ever increasing human road-kill are not simply "tragic accidents" they are a direct result of failed planning and need to be counted as part of our road safety.

It is more than possible to drastically reduce vulnerable traffic fatalities, it is far past time to value human life above vehicle speed.

sometimes going slow can be both safer and faster