17 April, 2013

RIP Hailey Ratliff

Not just another 30 miles of commute, today I visited the fatal crash site of Hailey.

Hailey Ratliff was 12 years old when she was killed by a speeding driver who was not at fault according to the police.  Who was at fault?  The family's lawyer is suing the driver and the city.  I support the family for having the courage to stand up against the wrongs committed by both parties.

Hailey was struck crossing the road to get to her house, but there are no crosswalks anywhere to be seen and the speed limit is an astounding 45 mph.  The crossing is used daily by residents and nearby students.

ghost bike for Hailey

In a few weeks I'll lead a ride of her classmates past the crash site, but we won't be able to visit the shrine on the opposite side of the path since there is still no crosswalk. 

further down the scenic path to Stafford Lake

Let us learn from this tragedy, drivers need to slow down and cities need safe streets.