02 March, 2013


I got pulled over by two police officers on foot along the Corte Madera Creek bike path.  They suggested that riding with 2 bikes was suspicious of bike theft and asked for identification.  

While I cooperated and thanked them for their interests in preventing bike theft, riding with 2 bikes is not a crime and hardly unusual in places where people bike frequently for transportation.  It's easier than it looks. 

facial hair, two bikes, clearly stolen

Seriously? A bike is the worst get-away vehicle for a bike thief...

one of those days when everybody seems to hate you...

Keeping with the theme, ranking Republican on the House Transportation Committee has stated publicly that bikers should pay road taxes and are responsible for air pollution.  Wrong on both counts.

One  of the many reasons why bikers don't need to be taxed is that anyone who pays general taxes already pays for the roads.  Car taxes cover only half the price, yet cars do nearly all the damage.

business as usual in both our Washingtons