24 January, 2013

Riding, Advocating Bikes

48.5 miles of bicycle transportation.  Often people are surprised to learn that riding to Novato is possible by bike.  Not only is it possible, there's great cycling facilities most of the way!

Bike transportation can add years to our lives and fix many expensive problems.
Vistas and paths like this make it even easier to slow down and get outside.

 Richardson Bay, Tam from Tiburon

Reed students love the local bike path.

This evening I rolled up with a posse to a county transportation meeting.

Caltrans has a $143 million dollar highway project that ruins the only safe route for pedestrians and bikers to cross HWY 101 in Corte Madera.  Not cool.

Is this inviting to walking or biking with kids? (Wornum X Redwood)

Where are the people biking and walking?

None of these people want more highway.