26 May, 2007

Day 6: Riding back to Koblenz

47 miles today, 182 miles total.

"Some random things about Germany I've noticed: city ducks, French fry fork, overalls, and mayonnaise"

Today it is cloudy and an easy ride backtracking downriver to Koblenz. We abandoned our plan to ride a massive loop through Idar-Oberstein to my former home at Greis and back along the Mosel River.

Now we'll ride one day down the Mosel to Burg Eltz castle and return to Koblenz before hopping a train into Holland. I definitely want to go Dutch for a few days.

We stopped for pizza in Bacharach, which is pretty but a bit touristy.

In Koblenz we pitched camp and headed into town for dinner. We found an Asian restaurant that had many vegetarian options. Being vegetarian limits Heather's choices here and we often resort to fries. Walking home dark clouds rolled in and lightning filled the sky.