31 December, 2012


One last 2012 ride at the perpetually pretty headlands, looking forward to riding 2013.

next stop sea level

30 December, 2012

Shell Ridge

Sunday hike with the dogs in Shell Ridge, the gorgeous foothills of Mt. Diablo.

grassy hills laden with oak and rock

happy dogs

winding down the creek

28 December, 2012

2012 Review

James Bikes Green's 5th Year

Top 10 Moments 2012

10.  National Bike Challenge: GPS my rides, 4 months at 114 miles/week.

9.  Riding to St. Paul:  Minnesota knows bike paths.

8.  SF Sunday Streets: people of the city reclaim space for happiness.

7.  SF Critical Mass: 20th anniversary of the international community ride.

655 Mile Marin Mountain Bike Loop: because Marin loves open space.

5.  Playworks Bike-Build:  volunteering to assemble new bikes for kids.

4.  Point Reyes National Seashore:  amazing wildlife/ocean viewing.

3.  My Job:  Lets make our streets safe for active kids.

Learning the "Rules of the Road" at our Bike Rodeo

2.  Lake Tahoe:  a week of alpine hiking and biking w/Heather!

1.  Looking Forward To Next Year!
Hoping to repeat this list and then some.

27 December, 2012

Mt Tam

I burnt holiday calories on my way to the office by taking the back way over Mount Tam.

Now this is a commute, 30 miles up 3,600 feet.

view north of Tam

rocky at the top of Tam

21 December, 2012


Elderly man (87) wedges car in the bike path over Corte Madera Creek/HWY 101.

why transportation alternatives are needed for elderly

London study: cycling up to 5 times safer than driving for young men.

“Perceived road danger is a strong disincentive to cycling" Mindell added. “But research regarding the safety of cycling tends to be distorted... with many substantially overstating cycling injuries.”

Don't worry mom, I'm not driving.

Gun control v.s. Car control.

This chart from CDC shows injury deaths by age. This was one of my first resources when I became interested in safety for myself and children after being hit by a car.

While you may not own a gun let alone a semi-automatic assault rifle, you probably drive. Take this opportunity to reaffirm safe driving habits. Don't pull the trigger on speeding or distractions from the road. Guns and cars are clearly both dangerous tools.

I was a good boy this year, so naturally I get $tuff.
All I want for Xmas is bike parts!

18 December, 2012

Muir Beach

Ride before rain.  With another storm coming I'm off to the headlands.

30 mph down to the ocean

13 December, 2012

Ridgecrest Road Loop

A cool and clear December day.  I got out on the skinny tire bike.

My fitness level has been downgraded to "holiday cheer" but luckily the ocean vistas were in prime form.

10 December, 2012


Aimless drifting through the headlands, beautiful day.

I taught a few classes at Short Elementary this week, glad to see our banner!

08 December, 2012

Tiburon Path

After my In 'N Out fix we walked along the scenic path to Tiburon and back.

I love seeing electric cars.  When they cut me off they don't also pollute my air.

05 December, 2012

Mt Tam

Rainy day ride with at least a dozen waterfalls along the route. 

rigid single-speeds beg for winter riding

On the descent my brakes were underwhelming (wet) and I blew off the trail in a corner.  After plowing over a few invasive plants I kept it together, stoked!

20 miles over 2,700 feet in 2 hours.