13 November, 2012

Corte Madera Summit

I marched my bike up to the Summit of Corte Madera Ridge (Christmas Tree Hill).

It really was a march at times because the summit is steep, but the view is great.

enjoy these vistas before the smog gets worse

I look at Mt. Tam and become inspired to ascend. When I do make it to the top I remember all the times I've looked up and feel satisfaction.  I love conquering my mountain!  

not today tam

I used both GPS tracking apps, I noticed Strava shorting me miles on past rides.

Strava:           4.9 miles with 1,022 feet of climbing and max 30 mph.
Endomondo: 4.98 miles with 1,000 feet of climbing and max 26.3 mph.

Hmmmm... this might require further testing...