29 September, 2012

20th Critical Mass SF

San Francisco Critical Mass is a grassroots bicycle movement that has spread world-wide.

20 Years of Community Bike Rides

I really enjoyed seeing the city without the constant noise and terror of the automobile.  I saw some green bike paint and hollered through the Broadway Tunnel.  This was hands down the best way to experience our beautiful city!

thousands gather before the ride

I dedicated my ride to the ride to the 8th grade girl who was killed by an SUV in Novato.

This tragic event is yet another reminder that cars have long been a top cause of death.
-- --

In Larkspur city officials, engineers, and involved citizens (Taz) work to improve traffic safety.  I was delighted to drop in on this meeting about the bike path access earlier this week.

designing our streets to be safe should be a top concern

To end on a happy note, Mill Valley Middle School has been a blast.

MVMS 6th grade bike parking

26 September, 2012

Hoo Koo E Koo

I took my new/used Redline Monocog out for a spin.

I'm at Mill Valley Middle School this week and their bike racks are booming!

6th grade parking

7-8 grade parking

22 September, 2012

Tour de Fat

Another Tour de Fat has come and gone.  I rode freaky bikes, started a group hug with a bicycle barbarian, and cheered on a woman who traded her car for a bike.

shoe bike

tiny bicycle = big smile

Over 5,000 people showed appreciation for bikes and sudsy libations. 
Biketoberfest will continue that combination come October.

Golden Gate Park in the sun

20 September, 2012

Save the Gridlock!

I sat in traffic for hours this afternoon because a water main broke.  A road closure near my town creates daily honking and gridlock (which will continue for 2 months).  

I usually don't care, but I occasionally drive a truck with hundreds of pounds of bikes and gear. As someone who has driven professionally for the last 5 years, I wish more people used alternative transportation.  Alternative transportation will free road space for those who need it most.

Luckily those plucky Brits have figured it out!  Since the roads are so busy being blocked by slow moving cars, we just need another set of roads in the sky for bikes.

For cities and countries that aren't as posh as London, we may need to use some of that plain old ground space for efficient transportation. 

18 September, 2012

Hoo Koo E Koo

I missed a turn and my power-hour turned into an hour and a half.

Usually I see SF from this distance...

SF blurs into the horizon while descending Mt Tam today

But I'm looking forward to the Tour de Fat  and Critical Mass 20th Anniversary
(critical mass started in SF, the movement has since gone global)

See you there!

14 September, 2012


Got out early while the fog still sat over Rodeo Lagoon and beach.

I picked up Heather's Volvo from the mechanic and Heather from work near McInnis Park.

skate park on a clunky cruiser, ooh yeah

How do you get rid of bus stigma? Maybe like this...

11 September, 2012

Hoo Koo E Koo Trail

Ride after work while you still can, fallen leaves are starting to litter the trails.

I pedaled with intensity.  If you ride hard it only takes 45min to kick your butt.

1 hr, 10 miles +2,000 ft

08 September, 2012


Heather and I rode the headlands on a sunny Saturday.  Good stuff.

17 miles + 2,000 ft: GPS Map

05 September, 2012

Change Tires Not Tubes

Flat tires are a bummer.  If you get flats consider changing more than just the tube.

Most bike tires are thin for better performance (lighter, traction).  Unfortunately that means they are prone to punctures and pinch flats.

While Tour de France racers don't mind getting multiple flats a week, for the average rider thin tires are not a good choice.  Flat-resistant tires are better than ever.

I've been blown away by Michelin's Tracker with "Protek"

best tire ever

The tire provides great traction, corrosion resistance, and keeps sharp objects out.
Did I mention they have a reflective sidewall?

Change tires, not tubes.

04 September, 2012


I took a long lunch to wander around the Headlands.

The fog was spilling over the hill tops.

Old Springs Trail

03 September, 2012

Point Reyes

Heather and I hiked the Estero trail in Point Reyes to celebrate Labor Day!

02 September, 2012

National Bike Challenge

The National Bike Challenge achieved its goal of inspiring people to ride.
12 million miles were ridden from May-August!

Team MCBC did well, ranking 17th in California and 785 overall.

Total distance logged
Total CO2 saved
Cycling, transportation, 50%
Cycling, sport and mountain biking, 50%






I rode 201 rides in 7d:17hr:29mn

1,824.68 miles
avg 9.84 mph
114 miles/week

98,589 kcal =
182 burgers
11.4 burgers/week