29 August, 2012

People For Bikes?

People for Bikes brought a new love into my life, positive bike marketing.

The newest video is a marked departure from their upbeat and unifying message.

Are these people for bikes?

In "Vulnerable on the Open Road" five pro road cyclists talk about their experiences hitting and being hit by cars.  Downer, why not make a video about the dangers of driving next time pals.

In the video it is said that "it takes two to tango" but the unfortunate truth is that we can not control the actions of others and no amount of defensive driving/biking can stop a reckless (distracted) driver from hitting you.  Many of us know this from experience.

Yes bikers and pedestrians are "vulnerable" but the risk of biking is so small and the benefit so great.  Safety can be improved and any scientific approach to safety would be focused on the car since nearly every death and serious injury is tied to these speedy 2-ton vehicles.  Other countries (Northern Europe) have realized this and created streets that protect vulnerable road users.

Keep it upbeat PFB, you're normal-biking-in-America's only hope.

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