31 August, 2012

Driving Age

How old should we be able to drive?

100 year-old (turning 101 this week) drives over crowd of elementary kids in Los Angeles.

In 2003 an 86-year-old man plowed into pedestrians at a crowded farmers market in downtown Santa Monica, killing 10 people and injuring 63 others, spurring this South Park cartoon.

But experts say the elderly are no more dangerous than 20-somethings.  With teen-age drivers being so inadequate that driving accounts for a full third of teen-age deaths.  Many older people feel giving up driving is basically giving up on life.

What to do?  They didn't solve the issue in South Park, but the answer is clearly stop being auto-dependent for mobility.  You can drive but not everywhere, all-the-time, for your entire life.

Create walkable communities with access to public transit. Unfortunately walking and public transit were identified as problems by the GOP in Florida this week.

we believe the right to drive starts at conception

29 August, 2012

People For Bikes?

People for Bikes brought a new love into my life, positive bike marketing.

The newest video is a marked departure from their upbeat and unifying message.

Are these people for bikes?

In "Vulnerable on the Open Road" five pro road cyclists talk about their experiences hitting and being hit by cars.  Downer, why not make a video about the dangers of driving next time pals.

In the video it is said that "it takes two to tango" but the unfortunate truth is that we can not control the actions of others and no amount of defensive driving/biking can stop a reckless (distracted) driver from hitting you.  Many of us know this from experience.

Yes bikers and pedestrians are "vulnerable" but the risk of biking is so small and the benefit so great.  Safety can be improved and any scientific approach to safety would be focused on the car since nearly every death and serious injury is tied to these speedy 2-ton vehicles.  Other countries (Northern Europe) have realized this and created streets that protect vulnerable road users.

Keep it upbeat PFB, you're normal-biking-in-America's only hope.

Take a few second to sign the PFB pledge!

27 August, 2012

Coast View Trail

A clear, warm, and calm day on our trails overlooking the Pacific.

25 August, 2012

Alta, Lagunitas

Did a quick loop out in the Headlands despite the windy-fog.

past and future site of Edna Maguire Elementary

Yesterday Heather and I did a quick Lake Lagunitas Loop. GPS Map

22 August, 2012

Paradise Loop

I dusted off my skinny tire bike for the Paradise Loop.

19 August, 2012

Laurel Dell

A nice long Sunday ride around Tam.  It is still summer, enjoying.

view down to Stinson/Bolinas

17 August, 2012

Stinson Beach

Stinson Beach is beautiful and there is a big 'ol mountain between it and I.

 Willow Camp Trail

next stop sea level

pushin' back up

On the way back I swung through Potrero Meadows down to Lake Lagunitas.

34 miles in 4:10 hours over 5,800 feet of climbing.  GPS Map

12 August, 2012

Mt Tam

Heather and I did the up and over on Mt Tam.  The Tahoe lungs helped on the climb!

11 August, 2012

Lake Tahoe

Heather and I took a week at Lake Tahoe to get in some biking, hiking, and beach hopping.

North America's largest alpine lake, the second deepest, and the 26th largest in the world.

Lake Tahoe

We camped at Fallen Leaf Lake which is the large southern lake.

Fallen Leaf Lake view of Mt Tallac

this bike path lead into town and to beaches from our campsite

We biked to the trail-head and hiked into the Desolation Wilderness to reach more lakes and beaches.

Susie Lake

Heather Lake

 small sandy beach

a rugged trail

old tree

We biked the famous Flume Trail high above Lake Tahoe, passing Spooner and Marlette Lake before ending the day at Nevada Beach.  Endomondo Map. Strava Map.

 narrow cliff-side trail

 view down to Sand Harbor

The next day we beach hopped on the bike path.

Pope Beach

Baldwin Beach

At the end of the week we said good-bye to our campground.

Fallen Leaf Lake 

Before leaving we rode a segment of the Tahoe Rim Trail just south of Tahoe City.

Paige Meadows

03 August, 2012

Bon Tempe Meadows

I burned 1/3 of the calories from my In-N-Out double-double, fries, and a coke by riding there. 


Yesterday I put in a nice little loop to Bon Tempe Meadows (Endomondo map).