30 July, 2012

Potrero Meadows

Over Tam and through Potrero Meadows to Lake Lagunitas.

Beautiful day and a sweet ride.

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28 July, 2012

Novato Parks

We hiked and rode some of the fine county parks in Novato.

There was a fat rattlesnake at basking on the asphalt at College of Marin.

my favorite bike route in Novato

At Stafford Lake we watched terns, cormorants, and pelicans feast on fish.

25 July, 2012

Mt Tam

Now I remember why I don't climb Indian Fire Road, it's steep and hot.  I found the foggy and well graded south side of Tam a much more pleasant climb.

23 July, 2012

Tennessee Beach, Golden Gate Park

On Friday a negligent driver crashed into my mom,
Thankfully she has only a broken sternum, get well soon mom.

we know millions will be injured in cars each year, but we don't know who they will be

all 4 windows blown & she had to be removed from the rear of the vehicle

Knowing my mom was safe, we preceded with our weekend plans.

Joel and Monica joined us for a stroll to Tennessee Valley Beach.

There was "hiking" involved to gain some views.

hikers, a beach, a barge, and the city

Later was epic meal time.  Good day.

We kept the good times rolling Sunday at Golden Gate Park

On the weekends streets are open to people, bikes are constantly rolling by.

skate and dance to the music

we wandered to the Conservatory of Flowers

20 July, 2012

Coast View Trail

Today coast view looked more like fog view.

18 July, 2012


I got in a short spin to the headlands.

New improvements to Coyote Creek path in Tam Junction!

SF peeking over the ridge

Gerbode Valley is special

13 July, 2012

Mt Tam

Not all who wander are lost.  I started off towards Pine Mountain, but then redirected towards Rocky Ridge from Lake Lagunitas, and finally figured why not just ride over the big hill?

looking at north on Tam

12 July, 2012

Bon Tempe Meadow

I brought an office chair home from the office by bike yesterday using the Burley trailer.

as seen locked in downtown San Rafael

Today I picked up 12 NEW BIKES from our Specialized / Mike's Bikes Grant!!!

Our thousands of middle school students thank you!

 Finished the day with a spin up to the lakes and Bon Tempe Meadows. 

Alpine Lake

08 July, 2012

Tiburon Path

My friends Lisa and Khi joined Heather and me for a ride on the Tiburon bike path.

Little Kaia got to ride in the chariot.

We had sunshine and a view of foggy SF.

Potrero Meadow. Rocky Ridge

Up Eldridge to the top of Tam, down Potrero Meadows and Rocky Ridge.

It's great to see so many bikers and hikers out enjoying our trails!

I like fog best at this distance.

06 July, 2012

Bike Stable

There are copious bike styles available today.  Heather and I have four each.

It is reasonable to own a few bikes if you ride them and have the storage space.

Each bike is designed for a special purpose.  One bike can do it all, but it can't do it all well.

"Hybrid" semi-upright fit with versatile road bike function (the rabbit).

Daily local use city-bike with comfort features (the tortoise).

 A rugged full-suspension mountain bike to tame the trail (the hiker).

..and the sentimental "clunker"

 But why stop there?

A balance bike (shot by Alisha today).

A parade bike as well.

03 July, 2012

Coast View Trail

First hard ride in 3 weeks and my legs felt it.  I'm stoked on my bike and the trail.

Coast View Trail Loop: Endomondo Map

I'm looking forward to riding this month, ending with a Lake Tahoe hike/bike trip.

Years ago I tried to ride during a weekend trip, but the altitude was killer.  The lake starts at 6,200 feet and goes up, like the Front Range in Colorado.  I've passed out sucking air in "ColoradNo0" enough to know better.  This time I'm taking a few days to acclimatize.

01 July, 2012

Merced River

Heather and I spent a few days off our feet at the Merced River.

 A dirt road, trail, and sandy beaches; the Merced between Hwy 140 & 49. 

Heather's beautiful Volvo Cross-Country

 8 miles of hiking

low river = lots of beaches