14 March, 2012

MTB to City Bike

Mountain bikes are versatile compared to road bikes, but neither make good city bikes.

Saddened by the sight of uncomfortable bikers, I've created a MTB to City Bike conversion guide.

MTB Problems
  1. forward posture and a long reach to the handlebars creates pain and hinders visibility
  2. no racks to carry stuff
  3. tires don't prevent flats and don't perform well on roads
No more riding with fingertips!

City Bike Solutions
  1. sensible cruiser handlebars raise and sweep back for an easy, upright reach
  2. rear rack and/or front basket 
  3. city tires with flat protection and a generous width
a box of comfort and convenience

The process is straightforward, remove the cables and handlebars. 

 Install handlebars and cables.

no more flats or hunching forward

As if magic, riders now feel relaxed and comfortable, no wonder these bikes are so popular!