27 January, 2012

Dixie ES

I've been riding to Dixie Elementary in the Lucas Valley this week.

looking towards the bay from Lucas Valley

The Lucas Valley is home to George Lucas, but named after rancher John Lucas.

12 mile round-trip with a few hills

21 January, 2012

4th Grade Curriculum

I'm working on our 4th grade "Bike Safety Unit".

The benefit of biking.

Air quality demonstration.

My work is play, gotta love elementary school!

18 January, 2012

Mt Tam, Coast View

From the top of Mt Tam I plummeted 2,500 ft to Muir Beach.

The approaching storm blew away all our smog and the views were especially sweet.

glassy Pacific

Three climbs: Tam, Diaz Ridge, and Alto Bowl.

30 miles in 2.5 hours, map.

17 January, 2012


Graphics, images, maps. An infographic is my new favorite fact sheet.

Air Quality

Whose riding a bike.

Why you insist on everyone driving 25 (or less).

Fat: America's untapped energy reserve...

EU and Portland reaps benefits.

Who gets all that money we spend for gas?

America is growing around these "megaregions".

15 January, 2012

Paradise Loop

Put down the Paradise Loop in a little over an hour.

View Paradise Loop in a larger map

14 January, 2012


Heather and I rode to the headlands today. Here's the map.

beautiful day for a ride

When we got home, we switched bikes and went to the marsh and grocery store.

13 January, 2012

Point Reyes Elephant Seals

At Point Reyes National Seashore the elephant seals are birthing their pups.

Currently there are over 200 elephant seals on the main beach and new pups everyday.

After watching the main beach for a while, we like to check in on the others.

mother (head up) defending her new pup

Closer to the lighthouse we saw whales within minutes, probably grey.

a warm sunny day at the beach

Pt. Reyes is truly a treasure. The landmass is drifting north from south of San Diego, nearly half of N. American bird species and 20% of California plant species are found here, and wildlife viewing is guaranteed.

12 January, 2012

Basic Street SKills

Tonight I taught my first bike class for adults, "Basic Street Skills" offered by MCBC.

Thanks to Sausalito City and Police for attending and providing the room.

In other news:

09 January, 2012


Sometimes cyclists are ridiculous. That's why Portladia's bike clip is funny.

Sometimes drivers are ridiculous, the difference is momentum, P = MV.

A car going 25 mph has the same momentum of a biker going 500 mph.

Coast View Trail

Talk last night of racing the Sea Otter Classic again has me feeling the fire on this ride.

view from veteran's bench

View Coast View Trail in a larger map

07 January, 2012

Pine Mountain

Today we rode a loop over Pine Mountain and along San Geronimo Ridge.

sporting my new MCBC jersey

This ride had challenging climbs and rocky terrain.
The rewards are great views and some fun rolling ridges.

looking towards Tomales Bay

MyTracks GPS App

View Pine mountain in a larger map

04 January, 2012

Future FAIL

We were told that "the future" would provide highways that improved our quality of life.

We built expensive highways with our taxes and purchased their cars. Unfortunately the benefits never arrived, Future Fail.

01 January, 2012

Pine Mountain

Start the year right, burning holiday calories. I rode to Pine Mountain.

fresh pavement on the Corte Madera Creek Path

Pine Mountain feels like back-country, rocky at times with expansive views.

viewing the saddle of Pine Mtn

Map: 2.75 hours, 30 miles, 4,000 ft.