10 May, 2011

Sharrows, Passports, Cargo Bike

I've been riding. The lakes yesterday and Novato to Stafford Lake today.
I can't blog about every little ride... though I wish I could. ;-)

Larkspur just got sharrows and they did them right.
Unfortunately bike markings often end up "door lanes".

A lane for doors, do not ride here!

They got our sharrow correct, in the middle of the narrow lane. Ride here!

Taking the lane feels better with a sharrow.

Speaking of awesome new things, MCBC launched the Route 5 Passport.

A passport, deals on stuff, and an important bike route. All good.

MCBC ad on bus

Continuing to speak of awesome new things, Gwen on a cargo bike!

Gwen rented a it from The Bicycle Works for some Teens Go Green events.

the bike blender visits Kent Middle School