29 May, 2011

Patch: Tennessee & Gerbode Valley

Check out the newest Sunday Ride!

A picturesque loop in Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Tennessee Valley and Gerbode Valley are magical places, rich with life.

Bike Rumor

I was referenced in a Bike Rumor story.

28 May, 2011


I saw the rain on the radar, but I had to ride today.

It rained, it was sunny, it was never cold, I was happy.

I felt really good on the bike, stay tuned for the Patch.

single-speeding on rare Marin single-track
About 2.5 hours of riding at a good pace.

24 May, 2011


I've been busy since the school year is winding down.

Often my work involves a U-haul truck full of 30 bikes and equipment.
Less riding for me and more for everyone else, it's a trade I'm willing to make.

Thanks to Transportation For America for this interactive map of traffic fatalities.

The simplest form of transportation can be the most difficult.

Berkeley's crosswalk flags. Unfortunately not a joke.

People and machines.

People with machines.

17 May, 2011

14 May, 2011

Bolinas Ridge

Time to hit the trails before the rain.

I rode Bolinas Ridge to the Cross Marin Bike Path in Samuel P. Taylor State Park.

The highlight was descending Jewell Trail.
Turkey and quail scattered in the tall green grass.

My remodeled bike poses on the rocks.

After 4.5 hours of riding collapsing at home felt fantastic.

13 May, 2011

Mt Tam

Today I rode over Tam on the single-speed and rebuilt my geared mountain bike.

At the top I walked the path that loops the summit.
I soaked in views while a hummingbird soaked in nectar of nearby flowers.

panoramic heaven

At home bike parts and tools lay scattered as I rebuilt my high performance bike.

a single blue-bling ring & mrp

10 May, 2011

Sharrows, Passports, Cargo Bike

I've been riding. The lakes yesterday and Novato to Stafford Lake today.
I can't blog about every little ride... though I wish I could. ;-)

Larkspur just got sharrows and they did them right.
Unfortunately bike markings often end up "door lanes".

A lane for doors, do not ride here!

They got our sharrow correct, in the middle of the narrow lane. Ride here!

Taking the lane feels better with a sharrow.

Speaking of awesome new things, MCBC launched the Route 5 Passport.

A passport, deals on stuff, and an important bike route. All good.

MCBC ad on bus

Continuing to speak of awesome new things, Gwen on a cargo bike!

Gwen rented a it from The Bicycle Works for some Teens Go Green events.

the bike blender visits Kent Middle School

06 May, 2011

Bolinas Ridge

I knew the road riding in Marin was good, but I didn't know it was this good!

When flying 2,000 ft up on Bolinas Ridge the scenes are ethereal.

While you ride here...
... this is your view!

My blood was slow today and the loop took over 2.5 hours.
Route: Hwy 1, Panoramic, Ridgecrest, and Fairfax-Bolinas Rd.

02 May, 2011

Loma Alta, Big Rock

Time to punish the legs again.

Loma Alta
tops out around 1,500 ft and Big Rock 1,800.

Beyond those hills fog hugs the coastline.

At the top of Loma Alta I started to feel water trickle down my legs. This was the first run of my new knock-off Camelback and the bladder split!

I will keep the bag though since I love the ability to carry my helmet up climbs.

I'm making some improvements to my bike (and body) before May 21st.

01 May, 2011