27 January, 2011

Marin Headlands

Heather and I rode to the Marin Headlands.

Sunny 60's in January, big views, wildlife, gotta love it!
picnic lunch at Point Bonita Lighthouse

22 January, 2011

Mt Tam

I did the up and over on Tam in superb sunny 60's weather.

I am impressed by the number of people on Old Railroad Grade.
This route to the top of Tam has been a popular attraction for 115 years.

I like it better as a bike/hike trail!

18 January, 2011

White Hill Classes

Shout out to White Hill MS!

I first crossed paths with Kirk Desmond riding with the Mountain Bike Club.

Today I taught 225 minutes of bicycle thanks to his initiative.

Traffic Skills 101

I took the 3.5 hour "Traffic Skills 101" from East Bay Bicycle Coalition.

While waiting for the class to begin in Berkeley I found a Bicycle Boulevard.

16 January, 2011

Bike + BART

Bike and BART. A powerful combination.

7.5 miles from Martinez down the Canal Trail to BART.
Next stop Embarcadero.
bikes on BART from Transit Unlimited Wiki

Hop on the ferry? Being Sunday, I didn't want to wait till mid-day.

I didn't have to wait. I just rode the 20 miles.

Add on a round-trip to Trader Joes for a 30 mile day.

Transportation meets Exercise.

Bike Drive

My associates lassoed 90 bikes for our Rodeos!

The numerous extras are headed for donation to the youth.
Thanks to donors and volunteers!

Thanks to Mike's Bikes!

15 January, 2011

13 January, 2011

Mission Pass

I've been riding north on Bike Route 28 over Mission Pass.

Approaching from Sleepy Hollow, short steep climbs (20%) can be daunting.
A paved shortcut for bikes!

This path is a great way to avoid the busy streets of downtown San Rafael.

12 January, 2011

Annadel SP

Heather and I rode Annadel State Park in Santa Rosa.

It was rockier than I remembered.
The first trail was named "Cobblestone".
these were the small "cobbles"
Annadel is a special park. It can feel like mountainous back-counrty.

10 January, 2011

Elephant Seals @ Pt. Reyes

Point Reyes is home to birthing elephant seals this time of year.

We watched the drama of hundreds of elephant seals.
a beach packed with nursing mothers

For a few months life is on the beach for these huge seals.

Fights between males are common for breeding rights.

Fights between females are common for beach real estate.

a bull male moves to defend his harem...

...from this male intruder

It is a noisy affair with grunts and monkey sounds.

08 January, 2011

Mt Tam

Heather and I rode up and over Tam today. It was cold and foggy.
eating a snack on the ascent

At one point the fog and clouds parted to beam down glorious rays of sunshine. It is nice to get at least one epic view since the ride is littered with them on a clear day.

04 January, 2011

Muir Beach

Hiking at Muir Beach.
Pirates Cove with SF in background

03 January, 2011


After teaching my classes (fun!), Heather and I rode to Tiburon (fun!).

Unfortunately, near HWY 101 you must ride with traffic.
A few key detours can keep your ride as car-free as possible (map).

The best shortcut is east of the Strawberry pedestrian highway overpass.
The crosswalk leads to a scenic and car-free path behind the gas station.
Once you hit bike path relax and enjoy the views.

01 January, 2011

Mount Diablo

Happy New Year!

To start the new year right we hiked from Castle Rock into Mt. Diablo.