25 December, 2010

2010 Year in Review

James Bikes Green's 3rd Year

Top 10 Moments 2010

10.  American River Trail: Folsom to Sacramento.

9.  Arcata Bike Rodeo:  Volunteering to teach kids biking.

8.  Virginia Capital Trail:  New bike path and rare fisher sighting.

7.  Scenic Drive, Trinidad:  Road ride along the Humboldt coast.

6.  Tour De Fat SF:  New Belgium's bike festival and fundraiser.

4.  Cal-Park Hill Tunnel Opens:  My ride to San Rafael just got awesome.

3.  Bike Tour West Virginia to DC: C&O + Mt. Vernon Trail.

2.  Received Teaching Credential and began work with Marin Safe Routes.

1.  Enganged to Heather: Yosemite Proposal.