30 September, 2010

Rodeo Beach

The sun was hot and we loaded up the bikes & bathing suits.

We parked off HWY 101 and rode into beautiful Gerbode Valley. At Rodeo Beach we watched the cargo ships pass and people play in the waves for hours.

27 September, 2010

White Hill MS

I'm at White Hill MS this week.
I can hardly wait for bike drills this week!

26 September, 2010

Ferry Magic

From Martinez I took BART into the city. I walked two blocks to the Ferry Building. A pigeon hit me on the way but I was OK.
Ferry Building Center with Clock Tower
The ferry ride was fantastic, although I felt nauseated seeing our plumes of exhaust. This is definitely the nicest way back to Larkspur. Wind in hair and sun on the water.

I walked 30 minutes to downtown Larkspur on a path.
No car? No problem.

25 September, 2010

Tour De Fat

Tour De Fat:
1. Costume ride in San Francisco on a beautiful day with live music.
2. Fun-draiser for Bay Area Bicycle Coalition and Bay Ridge Trail.
3. A car for bike trade.

We rode our bikes over Golden Gate Bridge and into Golden Gate Park. Gary Fisher helped start the ride in a sharp plaid suit.

yellow shirt dude had some loud speakers

Some traffic found its way into our parade driving too fast. I was smiling and waving to drivers in an attempt to lower their speeds. A police officer on a bike was much more successful.

We chatted for a moment and it felt GREAT to have an officer in uniform on a bike regulating dangerous drivers right in front of me!

half of the festival parking lot
When we returned Gary was quickly pulled on stage during a faux-French comedy routine entitled "American Stupid". At one point Gary's bicycle horn stopped working. Have no fear, I jumped into action and handed Mr. Fisher my bike horn from the crowd.

talking bikes with locals

The music was great and I danced a bit. My favorite part is always meeting other transportation cyclists. We shared stories about our frustrations on the road and our optimism for the future.

freak bikes available to ride

my vintage Panasonic parade bike

22 September, 2010


I recharged my battery at Tamarancho.

Unfortunately my new chain must have hit a rock, a stiff link caused me to limp the road home... pedal, pedal, pedal, skip, pedal, pedal, pedal, skip!

20 September, 2010

Mill Valley MS

I'm teaching at Mill Valley Middle School all week.
The classes include "Drive that Bike Game-show" and Bike Drills.

The first classes went well. I gave the wrong answer to the first question for the first class and confused everyone, but smooth sailing beyond that!
Mill Valley Bikes

16 September, 2010

Ring Mountain

I biked and hike-a-biked up to Ring Mountain in Tiburon.
Photo: Bay Nature

14 September, 2010

RE: Tamarancho

Tamarancho time again. Round-trip from house 2 hrs 20 mins.

Adjustments to the bike made this ride faster and funner.
(yes, funner is a word)
No horses or hikers, just bikes.
Nothing motivates core-strength training like challenging single-track. Pilates anyone?

10 September, 2010


I bought a pass from the Boy-Scouts. I couldn't stay away from the challenge offered by 9 miles of rocky, tight, and twisty trail.
a pro tackles Tamarancho

I'll ride this once a week or so till winter rain. It's nice to zone out for 3 hours and think about nothing but the trail ahead.

06 September, 2010

King Mountain, Baltimore Canyon

We went hiking with Corinne and Dominic.

Two blocks from downtown Larkspur you'll find scenic hiking trails.
King Mountain Open Space

We looped King Mountain with Baltimore Canyon.

Baltimore Canyon Open Space

04 September, 2010

Golden Gate Park

I rode into San Francisco today. Although SF was foggy, I still enjoyed exploring and finding new routes.
The City + my city

Sausalito Art Festival was in full swing. Throngs of people biked out of cold SF, over Golden Gate Bridge, and into sunny Sausalito.

40 wandering miles in 3 hours

View Larger Map

Highlights included the historic Presidio, roads closed to traffic in Golden Gate Park (bigger than Central Park), and seeing all the people riding bikes to the Art Festival!

Presidio, home to history, Lucas Films & Walt Disney Museum.

03 September, 2010

Bay to Holland

"Bikes Belong Foundation is leading a fact-finding trip to the Netherlands to bring home European transportation best practices. Eleven city leaders from the San Francisco Bay Area will spend a week in four Dutch cities."

San Fran, San Jose, and Marin County are represented in the 35 delegates nationwide.

02 September, 2010

Shireen, Elephant Revival

Heather and I went to Freight & Salvage in Berkeley to see her friend Shireen Amini accompany Tarka.

Elephant Revival closed the night with "neo-acoustic transcendental folk troubadour".
Elephant Revival

01 September, 2010

Goofy in Motor Mania

1950's Disney Classic