30 August, 2010

World's Largest Traffic Jam

China set the record for the world's largest traffic jam this month.
How does 60 miles and 11 days sound?

Now that this jam is cleared there is a new one on the same highway.

China is now the world's largest car market with thousands of new cars on the road everyday.

They are investing in mass transit like the straddling bus.
Some politicians want to return back to the "Kingdom of Bicycles".
Shanghai bike commuters
NPR, China: A Kingdom of Bicycles No Longer
Utne, China: Still the Kingdom of Bicycles?
League of American Bicyclist, Hate Traffic?

China is the world's largest exporter, 3rd largest economy, and 20% of the global population.

29 August, 2010

Riding with Youth

Peggy and I had a successful Riding with Youth this morning.

We watched a safety video and covered important cycling skills before going on a ride around Mill Valley.

26 August, 2010

Tennessee Valley

Heather and I rode out to Tennessee Beach (see previous posts).

Such a pleasant ride. I do love bike paths/trails.
Tennessee Beach

24 August, 2010

Point Reyes, Stinson Beach


Heather and I had perfect summer fun, beaches and sunshine.

We drove to Point Reyes National Seashore, a unique place (JBG).

McClures Beach
is a prime great white shark viewing location.

McClures, we ate lucnh on the rock!

After McClures we hiked along the thin strip of land creating Tomales Bay. We watched Grey whales, six or more, circle for hours. Tule Elk crowded the path. Scenery to die for.

Pacific side of Tomales Point

Having precious hours of summer fun left, we continued to Stinson Beach. It was packed since the summer has been "unseasonably" foggy and cold until this week.

a hot beach day

23 August, 2010

Tennessee Valley

Nestled in Golden Gate National Recreation Area is the quaint Tennessee Valley.
Hello Pacific Ocean!

The beach and valley is named for a shipwreck that stranded passengers of the Tennessee in the cove.

2 hour round-trip from my door to sandy beach.
Perfect hot summer weather.
Not too shabby...

21 August, 2010

Active = Healthy

It is obvious that walking or biking to work has health benefits.

The American Journal of Public Health published research confirming this belief.

20 August, 2010

Mt Tam, again

I rode to the top of Mt Tam again, this time with Heather.

I'm still learning the trails and the views of the ocean were replaced with fog. It was still an awesome 5 hour ride.
hidden lakes nestled north of Tam
The terrain varies from redwoods to dry chaparral. I had never seen dry redwood bark before!

17 August, 2010

Mt Tam

I rode to the top of Mt Tam. The views were spectacular.
Views of the San Francisco Bay
Construction at Phoenix Lake unexpectedly prolonged my outing.
Steve from San Anselmo helped me find the shortest way back through Deer Park.

16 August, 2010

Larkspur, Sausalito

We just moved to Larkspur. I have amazing bike paths out my door, Mount Tamalpais out the window, and downtown a block away.

I took a break from unpacking boxes to spin down the bike path. It meandered through marshes with egrets and pelicans to Sausalito.
Sausalito's bike path

12 August, 2010

Giants Win!

We hopped on BART to the night game w/Katie & Eric.
Thanks Judy for the awesome seats!
SF beat Chicago Cubs 5-4

10 August, 2010

Castle Rock SP

We followed the loop through Castle Rock State Park. This hike is described as a "favorite" of Bay Area Hiker and a "9 out of 10" for scenery in our California hiking guide.
the trail features lots of rocks...

and lots of vistas, Monterey beyond a foggy bay

tafoni features inside a cave

Heather and I capped off an awesome day of hiking with a Natalie Merchant concert. That woman can sing!

07 August, 2010

Shell Ridge/Diablo Foothills

Heather and I rode down the Canal Trail to Mount Diablo Foothills.
When we got there I quickly got a flat, just like yesterday.
I hate thorny weeds!!!

03 August, 2010

American River Trail

The American River Trail is one of the longest paved bike paths in the country at 32 miles.

ready to ride

The path connects downtown Sacramento to Folsom Lake. Pedestrians and horses are also allowed to use the trail but they are directed to use the dirt shoulders when possible.

perfect bike path!

The Amtrak train in Sacramento takes bikes in each car for no fee!

en route to Martinez

I only rode 22 of the 32 miles, but I'll be back with Heather when the weather is cooler.

my destination: Old Sacremento & Amtrak