25 June, 2010

C & O Canal + Mt. Vernon

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal: Planning

When planning to visit my parents in Virginia they offered to pay for a week long tour to celebrate my completion of a California teaching credential. Their first suggestion was the Appalachian "Blue Ridge Parkway".I do not like riding with traffic so I started to research other options. I was pleased to find this 184.5 mile dirt path isolated from traffic, with free camping, frequent water pumps, and no hills that happens to also be a National Historical Park!

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Click here for a larger version of the pictureno cars and trucks = peace

These are the websites I found most useful to prepare for our journey.
Instead of ending the tour in DC Heather and I decided to finish at the more historically significant site of Mount Vernon. George Washington was the first to advocate for the construction of this canal along the Potomac. This added 18 miles along the Mt Vernon Trail, a beautiful paved traffic-free path.