28 April, 2010

LaHood, Budapest, Mexico

"This is the end of favoring motorized transportation
at the expense of non-motorized."

US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood

Read what said about bikes yesterday at the official US DOT blog "Fast Lane".


People For Bikes (launched at the Sea Otter) is working to gather 1 million pledges in an effort to show policy makers that people want to bike.

Join Lance Armstrong, Gary Fisher, and me in signing the pledge!

I am for bikes. I'm for long rides and short rides. I'm for commuting to work, weekend rides, racing, riding to school, or just a quick spin around the block. I believe that no matter how I ride, biking makes me happy and is great for my health, my community and the environment we all share. That is why I am pledging my name in support of a better future for bicycling- one that is safe and fun for everyone.


Budapest had another Critical Mass ride


Mexico City is also using bicycles to help solve their traffic woes. Every year an additional 200,000 cars hit the pavement and the infrastructure (not to mention air) can't keep up.

Ecobici- new automated bike rentals

Deutsche Welle put together a great 7 minute story.

The dawn of a new era in transportation!