11 March, 2010

Bike Park, etc

Plans are finalized for the Lafayette Bike Park (East Bay) and the final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is being completed. I'd abandon my skatepark for a place like this.
It even has a pump-track!

Google Maps' new "bicycling" option is getting a lot of attention.

I checked it for bike paths in the East Bay. It claims to include regional trails I use, but instead kept me on the streets. Often it went past beautiful parks that double as awesome shortcuts.

Eventually, when it has rider input, this feature could be a huge benefit for cyclists. Until then, don't Google bike routes! Get a local bike map or ask a cyclist.

Google collaborated with Rails-to-Trails for this project. League of American Bicyclists reported the news during the National Bike Summit taking place in DC over the past three days.

Did I ever mention how I love my Redline "Monocog"?

The bike's ride is as clever and sharp as its name, Mono-cog, meaning 1-speed (gear=cog). Almost daily it sends me flying off jumps and home with the groceries.

1 gear; rugged, low maintenance, fun

More North American Handmade Bikes...

belt drive (not chain) internal gears, disc brakes, wood fenders
belt drive, bamboo
as captured by Dirt Rag