23 March, 2010

Arcata Marsh

I've been riding everyday since the weather has been sunny.

The Arcata Marsh is a great place since it provides a refuge for thousands of birds, treats our sewage, and is networked with trails.
sweet marsh trails

In the last 24 hours my allergies have really kicked in! California poppies and "wild radish" flowers are now in full bloom. Where's my generic Claritin?
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15 March, 2010

Briones Spring

It's springtime in Briones Regional Park. Heather snapped this while hiking with the dogs.

13 March, 2010

Little River Beach

I didn't mind the chill in the air since it was mostly sunny today. I kept the pace above 18 mph so the ride was shorter.

25 miles in 1:32, top speed 34.6 mph. There is fresh snow in the hills above Arcata.
beach dunes w/Trinidad in background
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11 March, 2010

Bike Park, etc

Plans are finalized for the Lafayette Bike Park (East Bay) and the final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is being completed. I'd abandon my skatepark for a place like this.
It even has a pump-track!

Google Maps' new "bicycling" option is getting a lot of attention.

I checked it for bike paths in the East Bay. It claims to include regional trails I use, but instead kept me on the streets. Often it went past beautiful parks that double as awesome shortcuts.

Eventually, when it has rider input, this feature could be a huge benefit for cyclists. Until then, don't Google bike routes! Get a local bike map or ask a cyclist.

Google collaborated with Rails-to-Trails for this project. League of American Bicyclists reported the news during the National Bike Summit taking place in DC over the past three days.

Did I ever mention how I love my Redline "Monocog"?

The bike's ride is as clever and sharp as its name, Mono-cog, meaning 1-speed (gear=cog). Almost daily it sends me flying off jumps and home with the groceries.

1 gear; rugged, low maintenance, fun

More North American Handmade Bikes...

belt drive (not chain) internal gears, disc brakes, wood fenders
belt drive, bamboo
as captured by Dirt Rag

07 March, 2010

Skate Park

I've been hitting the skate park a couple times a week. I take advantage of the rain since it clears out the skateboarders. Carving the pool is even more fun when there's water in it!

James Wilson's blog, "Bike James" is showing me how to do all my exercises specific to MTB'ing. The dumb-bell arm snatch is my new favorite.

National Geographic Wallpaper
the world's tallest trees- Humboldt old growth

04 March, 2010


I got into the Arcata Community Forest this sunny afternoon. Surfing the mud is equally fun and messy.

NorCaL HS racing enters their 10th year.
Over 40 schools and 500 students in the Bay Area.
Another awesome Streetfims, this one about Times Square.