22 February, 2010

Crosswalks etc.

I've been walking more since my house is 2 blocks from Humboldt University. Walking is nice because it is very relaxing... until you come to a crosswalk.

Berkley tried using bright flags to alert traffic. Of the 1,000 flags half have been stolen and the rest aren't being used. Why can't we just write tickets for cars that don't immediately stop like in Oregon?

the "please don't kill me" flag


This 10 minute video from the SF police clearly explains that bikes should "take the lane" when riding next to parked cars on narrow streets. It is recommended to ride at least a full car door length away from all parked cars.

I'm applying for a Bike Advocacy Youth Coordinator position in Santa Cruz. The Green Ways to School program works with high school students to promote bikes as transportation.

Too bad my application was 8 days late! I just found it on Craigslist this Wednesday. We shall see...