20 January, 2010

2nd B-Day 4 JBG!

2 years ago I decided to blog about my quest to conquer XC racing at the Sea Otter Classic, the largest cycling event in North America.

Hopefully you've seen JBG both grow and developed over the years. This is post #130!

April will be the 20th anniversary of the Otter and I plan to race again. Downhill this year? I love Monterey's trails and the big-time race environment.

One of the most powerful aspects of racing the Otter is the ability to gain national recognition in a single race. Jumping through bureaucratic hoops to get a California teaching credential is a stark contrast. At the Otter performance speaks and your ranking is not assigned by a multiple choice/short answer test.

my Monocog is seeing good use in the winter mud

The Humboldt hills are calling my quads.
Come February, it's training time!

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