17 December, 2009

Montana de Oro State Park

We're officially on vacation! Yesterday we loaded up Heather's Volvo for it's first road trip. Sunny San Luis Obispo sits 230 miles south of San Francisco and 190 miles north of LA.

I could hardly wait for sunrise to start prepping the bikes. Montana De Oro has trails that are equally scenic and fun. We warmed up by spinning the flat "Bluff Trail".
endless views along 2 miles of coast

I was beside myself with joy. In many places bikes would not be allowed on a trail like this. A sign cautioned hikers to be alert for bikes (though it was made clear bikes must yield).

After second breakfast we headed out to conquer Hazard Peak. The route I chose up Isley Creek was less than ideal, but the peak trail itself is a gem.

my new favorite trail, our campground below

The path is littered with rocks at the top and transitions to dirt/sand by the bottom. One thing remains the same the whole way down; undeniable flow.

Heather commented "it's like it was made it for mountain bikes!" No coincidence says the Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers.

view of Morro Bay from Hazard Peak
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