04 December, 2009

Golden Gate Park, SF

Today Heather and I went to the newly reopened California Academy of Sciences. To get there we took two forms of public transportation and neither of them were buses!
MUNI and BART took us within 2 blocks

The new building has a green roof and features the biggest digital planetarium, an aquarium, and rain forest.

view from De Young Museum (click me!)
We saw an albino alligator, anaconda, giant salamander, lots of fishes, poison frogs, penguins, and other awesome animals.
freaky gator & snapping turtle
rain forest and tidal pools
Optibike, fancy electric bike in "Climate Change" corner

After browsing restaurants, we returned to our old stand-by. The list of awards is as long as the list of vegetarian dishes.

Marnee Thai Restaurant (4.5 of 5 stars)
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