30 November, 2009


I woke up leisurely to a fruit smoothie & pot stickers left by Heather.

After a few minutes of preparation I was out the door. Riding here is special for many reasons but the wide open views and perfect hard-pack dirt stood out.

Lafayette Ridge Trail- wheee!

Heather's favorite artist is Eyvind Earle. He featured many California landscapes along the central coast. Today I rode through his paintings.

Briones is 4.5 miles from Heather's home.

Purple dots mark my route.
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29 November, 2009

Turkey, Briones, Namaste

Thanksgiving @ Lisa & Mark's in Auburn
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tired dog after Briones' roller coaster hills today

Namaste Indian Cuisine
finishes a perfect Sunday

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25 November, 2009

Dan visits Arcata

the man, the legend

While in town I scavenged these videos.

Dan in a big Ford truck in Louisiana.

lil' mo... lil' mo...

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22 November, 2009


Another week with no bike rides?

I've been a little busy. I'm training my replacement at the Tofu Shop, fighting a cold, finalizing my readmission into HSU, and my friend Dan is visiting.

It has been rainy all week and mushrooms are popping up.

images from "Oregon Mushrooms"

the famous "fly agaric"

"orange jelly"

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14 November, 2009

Eureka Fire Dept.

Today was my CPR & first aid certification at the Eureka Fire Department. I insist on being trained by people who use the techniques regularly.

A frost met me as I pedaled out around 7 AM. The 10 miles passed in 40 minutes and the classroom was locked. Trying to keep warm, I cruised the the Eureka waterfront to kill time.
sunrise at Eureka harbor w/fog bank behind bridge

Eureka (left) HWY 101 and Arcata w/marshes
The views along the highway are wonderful. There's always a variety of egrets and other birds to be seen. Unfortunately, the ride home was not as tranquil thanks to late afternoon traffic.

funny... because its true
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11 November, 2009

Briones w/Trin&Tan

Trinity & Tanner in Briones with Spirit today captured by Heather.

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Monocog gets new cog

I finally have a new cog for my Monocog (single-speed).

A practical, dependable, thrifty, low maintenance, high performance, sharp looking fellow that likes to have fun getting dirty while staying green!

(ed. note, my version is green)

The weather has been drizzly all week, but not enough to keep me off the streets. I hit up campus to catch air off stairs & ledges or perfect my balance on a curb.

Heather's new full sussr' should be here tomorrow-
'09 closeout to upgrade/replace the stolen GT.

NYC bike commuters had another fantastic year!

Watch this short film from Streetfilms.org - "documenting livable streets worldwide"

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09 November, 2009

EeePC Netbook

I'm setting up a new computer & printer for next year. I love netbooks and the EeePC from Asus sets the standard. I bought the first EeePC in '07 and Heather loves it!

The package of wireless printer w/scanner, external DVD burner, and PC costs $450.

EeePC 1000HE- 4.5 of 5 stars from CNET
This model came with Windows XP but I can't live without Linux!

Thankfully I don't need to chose since it is easy to add Linux to any computer by "dual booting".

OpenSuse is one of many versions of Linux

If you're experiencing problems or you are worried about security installing Linux can breathe new life into your computer and is the safest platform available today.

Any Linux OS = $0
Knowing your computer is safe & stable = priceless!

08 November, 2009


This morning air was calm and warm. The perfect weather made getting on the bike a lot easier. It has been 2 weeks since my last long ride and momentum was keeping me off the bike.

I bumped into Mike, Ryan and Stacy returning from their ride on my way out to Stagecoach Road in Trinidad. The water is still choppy from the 20-30 foot swells we had a few days ago.

After 2 hrs 15 mins and 37.5 miles my legs were done. I'll need another spin in the next couple days to keep the benefits of this workout.
looking north to Trinidad

So what have I been doing?

I'm officially readmitted to the teacher credential program at HSU.

I've been preparing to student teach 3rd grade at Arcata Elementary in January. It has been 2 years since I left the program and I am looking forward to my return!