04 October, 2009

Butler Valley, Tri-bikathon

Saturday I rode all three of my bikes for over an hour; mountain for 1:15, road 28 miles in 1:33, and campus for 1:15. Three different bikes and three equally fun rides.

Sunday a posse headed out to Butler Valley Road. Ryan, Stacy, Tim, and I faced the first chill of fall spinning 45 miles over 3:45. At the end of the ride it got dark and started raining. It could have gotten ugly (wet, cold, riding down a steep hill), but instead it cleared up!

At one point my old tire I kept meaning to replace split open on a rock. I'll replace it now.

Congrats to Stacy and Tim for conquering this local legend for the first time!
Mad River near Butler Valley Road
Weekend Total: 75+ miles in 8 hours 15 minutes.

It appears I will be racing the Lagrange Fall Classic in 2 weeks.
I haven't been training = Oouch!

P.S. my internet is down, photos Tuesday.