26 October, 2009

Fall riding

No major rides this week. I tweaked my lower back Tuesday and it's still a little stiff.

I love riding through piles of colorful leaves. Mushrooms are popping up. I got soaked riding home from work today. Fall is definitely here.

-- --

17 October, 2009

Lagrange Fall Classic

The mountain town of Weaverville (pop. 3,500) has a sweet trails that compose the Lagrange Fall Classic.
Weaverville in yellow. 2+ hours of winding road inland.
Within the 23 miles and 2,800 feet of climbing are awesome descents along old earthen flume routes. The day before was a Super-D race (mostly downhill) that I sat out.

Racing is a good way to ride and not get lost.

Ryan and I met Russ and Karla from the Bay Area. We crashed their campsite and chatted bike nerd talk while eating smores and staring into the fire. Karla races on the SugarCRM road team and they both have legs.

My ride was smooth and I landed 3rd place in Expert 19-34 behind Russ with a time of 2:06.

Ryan landed 5th with mechanical issues (some not his own). Karla did well, but I think she was accidentally miscategorized. This race was the finals for the NorCal State Championship Series.

Russ w/a much better photo pose.
My new bronze hardware.

Everyone enjoyed the flowing trails and perfect weather.

-- --

11 October, 2009


Heather's new bike was stolen.

As she was studying in Barnes & Noble some kids in a Prius jumped out, cut the lock, and rode away.
The bike was valued at $750.
After a ride yesterday Heather commented that being on the trail with the dog is as happy as they get...

10 October, 2009

Fieldbrook, Trinidad, ACF

Sunday I tried to hang with Ryan and Greg going to Pat's Point. I was totally spent right from the start and peeled off in McKinleyville for a 23 mile ride in 1 hour 21 minutes.

I went north to Trinidad.
38 miles in 2 hours 22 minutes.

Yesterday I took a few friends riding in the Community Forest. When you are new to the forest the trails seem endless and confusing. After 5 years of weekly riding the mystery is gone.

It looks like perfect conditions for the race next weekend. The forecast is rain early this week (washes away dust) and sunny 70's by the weekend.

04 October, 2009

Butler Valley, Tri-bikathon

Saturday I rode all three of my bikes for over an hour; mountain for 1:15, road 28 miles in 1:33, and campus for 1:15. Three different bikes and three equally fun rides.

Sunday a posse headed out to Butler Valley Road. Ryan, Stacy, Tim, and I faced the first chill of fall spinning 45 miles over 3:45. At the end of the ride it got dark and started raining. It could have gotten ugly (wet, cold, riding down a steep hill), but instead it cleared up!

At one point my old tire I kept meaning to replace split open on a rock. I'll replace it now.

Congrats to Stacy and Tim for conquering this local legend for the first time!
Mad River near Butler Valley Road
Weekend Total: 75+ miles in 8 hours 15 minutes.

It appears I will be racing the Lagrange Fall Classic in 2 weeks.
I haven't been training = Oouch!

P.S. my internet is down, photos Tuesday.