20 September, 2009

Reverse Butler Valley

Today Vince & I rode the Butler Valley Loop in reverse. After 50 miles, 3 hours 38 minutes, and 5,600 vertical feet of chatting it up, I needed a hamburger stat!

I haven't had meat in weeks, and I haven't missed it till today. Following a killer ride with red meat has become some sort of tradition.
Check out my so fresh & clean Lemond, its even color coordinated!

The riding was damn near perfect today. The presence of a dozen pickup trucks could be my only complaint. Many portions of the ride have smooth new blacktop. The weather was sunny 70's and clear skies. No wildlife sightings, but the scenery... awesome.

At times the view up a valley reveals a sea of trees covering all but the jagged crags of buttes and meandering meadows near the Mad River.


Later I walked to the North Country Fair while talking to my brother about preseason NHL.
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