06 September, 2009

Ashland trails, Ashland Hospital

I went mountain biking in Ashland, Oregon this weekend.

Unfortunately I wrecked my face into a large sharp-edged rock.

Ashland is a beautiful town, this weekend I uglied it up. How did it go down?
I went over the bars in a rock garden.

a rock garden in Slovenia

The trail I crashed on is a short hellish spur that can easily be avoided.
Only an hour earlier I cleared the same section during my first run.

Good news:
CAT scan shows no skull fracture
X-ray of elbow negative for broken bones
I still have all my teeth
Lessons learned about equipment choices

can you tell my nose is broken?Bad news:
9 stitches forehead, 3 lip, 4 elbow
broken nose
cuts and bruises top to bottom
only 2 hours of riding for a 3 day vacation
broken Rx sunglasses & helmet
my next shuttle was free
hurt ego

Ashland's awesome riding

Mount Ashland to downtown Ashland: 5,000+ ft in 12 miles