16 August, 2009

Bull Creek Summer Fun

I had an amazing week/end.

I rode with my buddy and former house-mate Wes in the forest. His bike was trashed, but I got her up and running. Wes got right back into the flow after a few year hiatus... It's like riding a bicycle!

Saturday I played some disc golf in the forest with Heidi & Sessions who are moving to Missula next weekend and will be missed! I don't play often & my throwing shoulder is sore today.

Sunday a posse headed down to Bull Creek in Humboldt Redwoods State Park to ride Thornton Multi-Use Trail (MUT), one of the few legal single-track trails in Humboldt.

This crew was a lot of fun, and as the hours went by it just got better. Where to start? So many smiles. Between Aaron, Stacy, Ryan, Tim, Lucas, Chris, and myself each brought a different element and personality to the ride. One thing was shared by all, MTB LOVE!

I can't explain how attracted I am to the fine line between fast and flying off the trail. Pushing the limits of traction in a corner until I'm drifting my wheels is probably the most amazing feeling I've ever encountered. The rush is impossibly satisfying.

Mike & Ryan @ Humboldt Redwoods State Park this summer.

After the ride Eel River Brewery (organic) replenished the lost calories.

Then I got home and ate diner #2, stir fry.

These summer days make my year. As I watch the purple sun sink over the hazy blue pacific from my bedroom window, I can't help but to feel that I live a very fortunate life.
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