23 August, 2009

Couch Trail

Woke up late, groggy.

Fog and lower temperatures recently.

Spun 10 miles up steep Fickle Hill Road and down "Couch" trail.

Fickle Hill Road

Ducking branches, squealing brakes, horrid moto ruts, and water-bar jumps that land in sharp tight corners.

It's why I've only ridden this trail a handful of times.

Now I'm on familiar lower Jacoby Creek trail; hopping over logs, diving down & up steep creek beds, and balancing on gnarled tree-roots.

After 6 miles of trail a leisurely 10 mile spin takes me from the fields of Bayside into my simple abode in Arcata.

Bayside barn

I don't even use the easy gears on my bike anymore and that is a clear indicator of progress.

The extra miles in the past month have made riding easy.

A light weight routine & core strengthening has made it a lot more fun.

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