15 September, 2009

Lemond Makeover

My Lemond Poprad has new parts and needs a new look.
time to remove that reflective tape-

After two full afternoons of scrubbing the adhesive residue, the bike is looking good. Since I'm giving this bike a mini make-over it occurs to me that it needs a worthy head badge.

Gorgeous Badges from Rivendell Bikes, hand made in the East Bay.

I wanted to do a German theme with the bike since our '07 tour. I tried a vinyl flag sticker and considered hand painting, but inspiration finally struck!

As a child in Germany I remember collecting metallic badges (stocknagel) for our hiking sticks. Every place we visited sold little souvenir badges.

my new head badge

The village of Boppard brings back happy, ice cream filled memories. The black eagle is the coat of arms of Germany, originating with Charlemagne 1,000 years ago. And, naturally, grapes were incorporated to represent this region's famous wines.
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