30 August, 2009

Organic Planet Festival

Today I volunteered for the Tofu Shop at the...

After grillin' up the 'fu for a few hours I roamed Eureka looking for spots to ride. Not finding much, a leisurely 9 mile spin on HWY 101 took me home.

29 August, 2009

Red Gate via Fickle

Today I rode up Fickle Hill road. The views from 2,000 feet were spectacular. I could see the flat fields of Arcata and miles of the Pacific.

In Kneeland I dropped Red Gate and quickly lost all that elevation. This 3 hour ride was just what the doctor ordered. Only 6 of the 28 miles are trail, but those few miles are punishing!

28 August, 2009

Plastic Strikes Back

Have you heard about the world's largest landfill?
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch or Pacific Plastic Vortex is twice the size of Texas and contains a large amount of plastic.
Click image for animated explanation

Unfortunately the plastic photodegrades into tiny polymers that enter the food chain. Besides being carcinogenic, plastic also mimics/disrupts hormone production. Yummy.

Research vessels are now on-site.

Although many dislike having a giant clump of trash in the ocean, I love the garbage vortex. It seems we only move to action when faced with an acute problem.

-- --

27 August, 2009

Burning Man Bikes

Burning Man starts this weekend-

The festival temporarily creates Black Rock City. Last year it boasted 50,000 residents for a week.
Black Rock City from above.

Am I going to Burning Man? No, but I'm starting to think I should.

Gas powered vehicles are not allowed within city limits unless they are modified art pieces. The scale of the city is unreasonable on foot, so most people turn to their rusty old bicycles.

These freaks accidentally created America's largest car-free zone!

This year I prepared a fleet for my friends who have a camping trailer and golf cart specifically for this event.

Which rusted chain will snap first?

Burning Man is many things to many people. I see 50,000 bikes and I like it!

-- --

25 August, 2009

Heather & Judy @ Yosemite

Anyone for glaciated granite?
Cathedral Peak

Heather & her mom resting their feet during the hike.
Yes, they have the same shoes!

-- --


In our country bicycling is associated with spandex clad athletes or children.

Thankfully a few USA'ers in Europe blog about the robust bike culture found there. My favorite is Copenhagenize.com

Proof cycling is not just a sport.

Would you bike your baby?

I'm guessing it's not other baby toting bikes you're worried about!

These images challenge us to see the bicycle in its purest incarnation-

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23 August, 2009

Couch Trail

Woke up late, groggy.

Fog and lower temperatures recently.

Spun 10 miles up steep Fickle Hill Road and down "Couch" trail.

Fickle Hill Road

Ducking branches, squealing brakes, horrid moto ruts, and water-bar jumps that land in sharp tight corners.

It's why I've only ridden this trail a handful of times.

Now I'm on familiar lower Jacoby Creek trail; hopping over logs, diving down & up steep creek beds, and balancing on gnarled tree-roots.

After 6 miles of trail a leisurely 10 mile spin takes me from the fields of Bayside into my simple abode in Arcata.

Bayside barn

I don't even use the easy gears on my bike anymore and that is a clear indicator of progress.

The extra miles in the past month have made riding easy.

A light weight routine & core strengthening has made it a lot more fun.

-- --

16 August, 2009

Bull Creek Summer Fun

I had an amazing week/end.

I rode with my buddy and former house-mate Wes in the forest. His bike was trashed, but I got her up and running. Wes got right back into the flow after a few year hiatus... It's like riding a bicycle!

Saturday I played some disc golf in the forest with Heidi & Sessions who are moving to Missula next weekend and will be missed! I don't play often & my throwing shoulder is sore today.

Sunday a posse headed down to Bull Creek in Humboldt Redwoods State Park to ride Thornton Multi-Use Trail (MUT), one of the few legal single-track trails in Humboldt.

This crew was a lot of fun, and as the hours went by it just got better. Where to start? So many smiles. Between Aaron, Stacy, Ryan, Tim, Lucas, Chris, and myself each brought a different element and personality to the ride. One thing was shared by all, MTB LOVE!

I can't explain how attracted I am to the fine line between fast and flying off the trail. Pushing the limits of traction in a corner until I'm drifting my wheels is probably the most amazing feeling I've ever encountered. The rush is impossibly satisfying.

Mike & Ryan @ Humboldt Redwoods State Park this summer.

After the ride Eel River Brewery (organic) replenished the lost calories.

Then I got home and ate diner #2, stir fry.

These summer days make my year. As I watch the purple sun sink over the hazy blue pacific from my bedroom window, I can't help but to feel that I live a very fortunate life.
-- --

13 August, 2009

Butler Valley to Kneeland

I got off work a little early and the sun was shining.

Ryan cruised by and we were off. 3 hours and 26 minutes later we had ridden 49 challenging miles on mountain roads that are occasionally gravel and ridden with potholes.

From Kneeland we descended Greenwood Heights Road again. This road is fun! Tight corners send you reeling into blindingly fast straight aways.
-- --

The Arcata Community Forest Expands 185 Acres!

The nice weather has me on a bike everyday. I rode lower Jacoby Creek trail Wednesday, hit up our forest trails a few times, and mashed my Monocog 'round town daily!

-- --

09 August, 2009

New Pedals- once bitten...

Exhibit A: (notice the 4 pins on the right)
Exhibit B: (4 pin holes, from left pedal)

I wish I could say something cool, like, "no guts no glory."

Unfortunately I was swerving to avoid fresh horse manure.


06 August, 2009

Kneeland & ACF

I was about to buy a couple tubes at the local shop when I saw Ryan geared up for a ride.

"Where you going", I asked.


"Wait 10 minutes"

On the way down we took a new route on this windy road = fun.

We spun on fresh blacktop from recent construction back to Arcata.

A few hours later I slipped into the forest for a little excitement on the "jump" trail.
-- --

02 August, 2009

Korbel via West End Rd

Ryan and I started the morning in a heavy mist, heavy enough to leave puddles. We abandoned our idea of riding up the coast for a drier inland course.

We rode 35 miles in 2 hours and 10 minutes to the top of the hill behind Korbel. The new blacktop at the bottom made for a screaming descent.

CA Historic Landmark #164: Arrow Tree
A site of peace between neighboring tribes.


01 August, 2009

Patrick's Point

It was foggy this morning, but I was pleased to find the sun peaking out here-and-there.

I spent the better part of 3 hours cleaning & maintaining my road bike yesterday. Dirty adhesive residue does not look good on a white frame! I also got a new saddle & brake pads front & rear.

Ride stats 47 miles in 2 hours 50 minutes.

Agate Beach @ Pat's Pt.