18 July, 2009

Deutschland 2011

Start 'em young!

We've been dreaming up another trip to Germany & Holland in 2011.

What makes this region so appealing to me?

Cycling has been seamlessly integrated into every aspect of traveling. It is easy to ride right out of the airport, between towns, or onto a train.

Bike touring is very popular. The province of Saarland (our next destination) has bicycle touring bags as a promotional item.

Made in Germany by Ortlieb, maker of the finest cycling bags.
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Active Transportation

The United States rides 25 miles per person/per year; walks 88.*

Germany rides 181 miles per person/per year; walks 231.

The Netherlands rides 527 miles per person/per year; walks 234.

A staggering 1out of 3 trips from home are made by bike in Holland. Germany also stands out for their recent dedication to bike paths and high rates of riding.

* Source:

Walking, Cycling, and Obesity Rates in Europe, North America, and Australia.
A sweet 20 page research paper.