24 June, 2009

Wacky Wensday: Bull Creek & Red Gate

Yesterday the Tofu Shop van was overheating. I stopped at Safeway in Fortuna to top-off the radiator with water.

This morning the auto-shop said the water-pump was bad. That meant no deliveries today! It looked like another glorious summer day since the fog was breaking up at 9 AM.

I texted Ryan as soon as I got home. Within minutes a trip to Redwoods State Park was planned. The weather there would be sunny and 80 F! Our friend Adam joined the mission.

I wanted to try riding up Thornton MUT instead of looping to the top of the trail. Thornton goes up the same elevation as other trails in 5.5 miles instead of 2.2! This means many more cut-backs and milder grades.

On the ride up I saw a baby black bear scamper up a tree. Your next thought in this situation should always be, "Where's mom?". I started to sing and talk loudly. We heard nothing in the bushes. After a few moments of appreciating the fuzzy ball of muscle clinging around a trunk 30 feet away, we promptly rode onward.

My ride down felt off. I started at the back, expecting to pass everyone quickly. Instead I didn't see anyone for minutes and was hardly "bombing" downhill as I usually do.

Back at camp Sube, we took in the smell of California's golden grass. The smell of summer in the mountains. We debated riding back up or leaving to find an downhill prize easier to obtain. The idea of shuttling Red Gate sounded good to tired legs, and we were back on HWY 101.

At the top of Red Gate I checked my tire pressure with Ryan's prompting.

Hmm... Low.

Reeeaaallllyy low.

Recommended psi is minimum 35 and I had 8 psi. I guess I can't gauge these tubeless tires by hand-squeeze. Amazing I didn't wreck. Back up to 22 psi with you both. D'OH!

Red Gate was sick. Although it was overgrown (especially with stinging nettle), the trail features tons of fun jumps and adrenaline pumping speed.

I cleared some technical lines. I was in the zone. I led our haggard team down some 2,500 feet in 8 miles. At the bottom we spun another 7 miles into town.

26 miles doesn't sound like a long bike ride to me. But mountain ride feels like twice as much work when compared to road riding. I'm definitely 52 road-miles tired.

To top the day off, my unruly neighbors got evicted!

Best Wednesday Ever!