06 June, 2009

Prairie Creek SP to Klamath

Today I rode from Prairie Creek State Park to the mouth of the Klamath River. And back, naturally.

I was spinning for about 6:15 mins and 40+ miles.

Gold Bluffs Beach

After poaching trails near Trillium Falls, I made my way to Gold Bluff's Beach. I didn't get very far past Fern Canyon before a black bear blocked my progress.

He ran briefly and then stopped. For a moment we sat perfectly still, listening. I knew sitting in silence with a bear 30 feet away was a bad idea. I started talking to him/her loudly and it took off down the path.

Visibility was bad since the trail is overgrown. Unfortunately the bear had disappeared into the thicket right where I needed to go. I proceeded cautiously, singing to the bear. Soon I heard it crashing through the woods off to my side and I knew it was safe to pass.

So after that I rode for hours, blah blah blah, it was fun. But when I discovered High Bluff Overlook, I fell in love.

This picture does no justice.
This is one of the most beautiful beaches!

A pair of bald eagles swooped overhead and landed side-by-side in a tree. Their white heads and tails a stark contrast to the sea of green pine needles.

I love the hidden little beaches, huge sea stacks (offshore rocks), and the old growth redwood backdrop. The views of the ocean were immense. I could see Crescent City 20 miles to the north, and the twin sea stacks offshore of Orick 20 miles south.

Wow. Today I've gotten within 30 feet of a bear and a bald eagle! My intuition told me a third wild animal would round out my sightings. But what? I scanned for a shark or whale in the waters below.

Another perfect & empty beach

After exploring up and down the coast I started to cruise back to Park HQ to meet Brett when he got off work. Cruising down "Scenic Bypass" amongst giant old growth, I spotted the strangest weasel creature. A Fisher!

This weasel lives in tree canopy.

Oh yeah, I did see Roosevelt Elk, a lizard, tons of fat tadpoles, snails, slugs, columbines, lupine, cow parsnip, and other stuff.

What a day. I'm tired and inspired. My favorite way to be.

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