29 May, 2009

Summer of Single-Speed

I've been loving my single-speed lately. Riding up a steep hill is like a medieval torture device... but in a good way...

The flowers ate my bicycle-

I rode the forest again and then the marsh in the evening. The plants are alive this spring. I saw a huge bush of thistle 7 feet tall!

I can't get enough of the long hours. We're getting daylight from 6 till 9. The weather has been dry, partly sunny, and 60 degrees.

I'll take it!

Tomorrow I'm spending all day working on the bikes. Sunday I'll probably ride road w/Ryan. Sounds like a great weekend to me.
How would I spend my time if not for riding?

The world may never know.

I can think of few things that captivate my attention like the curves of a bike frame,
the contact between tire tread and trail, or the hypnotic spinning of wheels.