25 May, 2009

Funky Town's Fresh New Trail


We stopped by the start of the Kinetic Grand Championship.

Octo-mom getting ready for the race.

After that we went to Paradise Royale trail in the King's Range BLM. The 12 miles of single-track has been getting recent attention since securing $600,000 in federal stimulus money. The finished network will feature 44 miles & a pump track!

A magazine article talks about Arcata (or funky town if you will), yet I drove over 2 hours to get there... hmmm...

Won't you take me to
-- --


Today was a recovery day and we took a shorter, easier drive inland to the Trinity River. It was nice to enjoy the sun without a cloudy coastal veil for a change.

Trinity River

We stopped at "Big Rock Beach" and found our own private beach. The San Francisco Guardian gave this beach a "C" in their guide to nude beaches. But this is one of our favorite river spots.