17 April, 2009

Sea Otter Classic: Friday

I started the morning watching pro downhill practice. Soooo many famous riders who I've watched in videos for years. They get some good air time!

Brendan Fairclough

Ryan raced Super-D (3 miles mostly downhill) today at noon. He landed 24th out of 42 in the 18-29 yrs & non-pro group w/ 7 minutes 53 seconds.

While we were waiting for Ryan to descend we met the parents of Carl Decker. It turns out his mom has the exact same hat as Heather. Carl won the pro race w/ 6 minutes and 21 seconds.

Heather and I spent the afternoon riding and relaxing in Fort Ord. It was perfect. It was the reason why I wanted to come!

A saw a large flat lizard scuttle of the trail. I quickly jumped off the bike to check it out since it was unusually large. It was a "horny toad" or Coast Horned Lizard.

"will inflate itself, bite, hiss, spray blood from eye corners" Audubon.

Can you see our spiky friend?