16 April, 2009

Sea Otter Classic: Thursday

We arrived early since I wanted to snag the best camping spot. When I camped in 2007 there was a hillside that was quiet on the edge of tent city.

We claimed our campsite right next to this "perfect" spot and immediately broke out the bikes for a pre-ride of the XC course.

On the first and fastest descent I let loose. Flying down the hill at an ungodly speed I heard a horrible noise when I landed at bottom. POP! Phhhiiiiiiissssssssss!

My brand new front tire exploded and sent me off course into the beautiful blue lupines.

SRAM logo & lupines.

I had forgotten my pump. I sat and enjoyed the scenery while bikers tried not to crash as they passed at 20-30 mph. Ryan rode back to retrieve the air pushing tube.

During the rest of the ride I saw a gopher snake and a Western Skink. It was the perfect time for spring wildflowers, and the mossy oaks seemed enchanted.

After the ride we all went into the Expo area. The world's best trials (balancing stunts) rider Ryan Leech performed an awesome show!

We ended the day shopping the deals! Heather got a back-pack, I got a new front tire, and Ryan got custom grips.

Back at tent city, the campers right next to us have a PA system blaring music & even brought a light show... All powered by a generator of course.

Even more annoying is the yuppies with the Land Rover. They leave the SUV running for hours at a time to power a single laptop computer. All their camping equipment is new out of a box.

Camping huh?