09 April, 2009

Last week of training-

Cross-country Olympian Adam Craig

I've been trying to salvage my fitness with the little time left. Unfortunately, cold rain has returned.

My ride yesterday dwindled from 46 miles of mountains, to 50 miles of coastline, to only 7 miles around a golf course in the end.

Later I ran some errands and biked the marsh for a total of about 15 miles Wednesday. I'm worried about endurance since I haven't been doing long rides.

At any rate, I still did cross-training at home. Squats, lunges, weights, abs, wall sits, ect...

Me? Nervous? Nah.
This Sea Otter trip is really shaping up! My good friend Dan is flying in from Louisiana, my main-man-mechanic Ryan is racing Super-D (downhill) and XC, Heather's mom is coming again, and this year Heather has her own mtn. bike!

4-days of mountain biking and submersing into bicycle culture-