21 March, 2009

Sharks & the dark

Saturday was a great day.

In the morning I got back into cross-training without missing a beat. Squats, lunges, wall-sits, abs, light weights (20-30lbs), etc.

In the afternoon the San Jose Sharks won against Dallas.

Playoffs start in late April for the top ranked Sharks.

After a nap, Heather and I went for a walk in the forest. We commented about the lack of other hikers and the eerie darkness.

It started to get really dark. Soon the trail would be indecipherable since the sun had already set. Realizing our error the only option was to run the hilly 2.5 miles to the nearest exit.

It started to rain hard when we reached the Fickle Hill entrance in the nick of time. Now we just needed to walk across town in the rain.

A couple blocks from our house a cop car slammed into a puddle sending a mini-tsunami that covered us head to toe!

My face smelled like puddle. It was gross.

29 days till the race.