24 March, 2009

Trinidad Ride & News

The Bow Rack Grand Opening Saturday!!!

Ok, it has been open since the new year,
but this opening is grand.

Heather & I are stoked to attend. I'm taking Friday off work, packing the mtn. bike, and taking a mini-vacay.

Yesterday I got in a good work-out. When I started to run I immediately recognized the "shin splint" feeling in my right shin, so I only ran stairs and short sprints.

Today I rode 40 miles in 2 hours 20 minutes with a 39mph max to Trinidad. I dabbled into Westhaven and Stagecoach Road to spice it up.

Panaramio eye candy

I really enjoyed this ride despite the steady NW wind. I saw the same old seals hanging out where the Mad River meets Clam Beach.

My legs needed the break because today I felt strong on the bike. It's clear I've been "over training" and not allowing proper recovery time.

Slowly and quietly I've started to doubt my ability to achieve a top 5 time at the Sea Otter amongst all experts. I assumed I could get into better shape than last year. I've lowered the bar to a podium spot in my age category.

He's watching me...
Staring at me...
and scaring small children...
When I ride fast it's like entering another world. Everything but the trail blurs and time slows down. All I can hear is my breathing, the chatter of the chain, and occasional squeal of disc brake.

Fast is not a relative term.