13 March, 2009

Trails and Tribulations

I got into the forest w/Ryan Wednesday, but trail maintenance trucks are trashing all the fire-roads.

Quote of the day "it's like wet concrete" about riding the slosh left from the pickups. Thanks for fixing the trails?.?...

Before we rode I did a 40 min run. I ran again on Thursday, but I had just eaten a burrito, so I cut that short. Light weights, abs, squats-lunges, blah blah blah.

Today I did a tour of Sunny Brae on my single-speed. Twas' a winding 7 miles through our only suburb. The quiet roads go around a golf course and up into the hills.

Rain is coming. I think my legs need rest.

In the next two weeks I need to become a machine. When riding strong my body simply does the work, like an engine. It's almost surreal at times.

I'm trying to get a Pump-Track built in Arcata.