24 February, 2009

Bobcat on Butler Valley

For a detailed ride description visit "Bigfoot Bicycle Club"

Stock photo: Wikipedia

It was raining all morning, but I needed to ride. When I got off work the clouds were breaking up. I stuffed my face and rolled out the door.

The southern wind was a welcome friend on my way to Blue Lake. Although the clouds were dark, I didn't get a single rain drop on my face until the last 15 minutes.

There are two large climbs on this ride. The Korbel climb is 8% avg. grade for 2.6 miles and gains 1,100 feet elevation. Today it took me 18 minutes. The second climb is right after the Mad River and rises 1,660 feet in 7.8 miles.

The Mad River was full. Right after this photo-op I got a long look at a bobcat. I have seen this bobcat before, but today I crept up on it to get a good look. It was casually walking up the hill. When it saw me it jumped 15 feet up the embankment and into a tree in a split second. Very impressive!

Mad River @ Maple Creek

Ride stats: 46 miles in 3 hours and 8 minutes (shaved 7 minutes).