04 January, 2009

1 Year Anniversary!

As I prepare for racing this spring it seems a natural time to reflect. My first blog entry announced my intentions to race the '08 Sea Otter. Now a year later I offer the same proposition.

Bike Year in Review
(don't worry its pictures!)

The year started with amazing mountain road riding.
Without these guys I couldn't ride.

April 19th, The Sea Otter Classic.
3rd in Sport (Cat 2). 20 miles in 1:30.

The following week was vacay!
Yosemite is a scenic spot to ride-

April 27th, Chico Wildfower.
Almond Orchards during our Mildflower 65-mile.

May 7th. Off to bike school @UBI!
Talking to uber bike geeks and riding in Ashland all day.
My bike skills see good use.
This time they fixed a vintage Chicago made Schwinn.
(and without breaking something first either)

August 12th, Howell Mountain Challenge.
Trying to get some points today, I felt great warming up.
A challenge indeed!
This technical course literally took me down & out.
A flat on the last lap prevented a strong finish.
August 31th, Arcata Bike Rodeo.

December 12th, Stomach Churn Cyclocross in Arcata.

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